In addition to dry cleaning and laundry service we offer a complete department dedicated to shoe repair.  We are your Doral Shoe Repair Center. Because shoes are intended to protect and comfort they are also an item of decoration showing your fashion taste. Shoes come in all sizes, shapes and types.  At Freckles Dry Cleaners we can acommodate any type of footwear for repair from replacing soles, tongues, insoles, midsole, the welt, lining, heel or lacing including leather and other materials.  

Shoe Repair Service


Over time the soles of your shoe will give out because it has constant contact with the waking surface.  The sole may be comprised of one or two pieces depending upon the quality.  They usually develope a quarter-sized hole through daily walking.  Athletic shoes or cleated shoes such as the socce, baseball or rugby and golf shoes have spikes embeded in them.  These are all shoes that we can repair.  Why throw them out?  Why not get them resoled?  It is fast and cost affordable - much lower in price than a new pair.  



Many types of boots can be difficult to repair properly.  Being one of the most expensive types on the market we understand that you want the best for your feet.  Our skilled shoemakers can not only make them look like brand new, they will feel like a brand new pair ready for the daily routine.  If you have a pair of boots that needs work bring them to us, or better yet call us and we will come and pick them up and deliver them when the work has been complete - usually within 48 hours.  


We can repair any type of shoe for both men and women.  Everything from a boot, to a tennis shoe and everything in between.  Most shoes being to show wear when the sole starts to come apart and that can be dangerous. Signs of wear can also be detected on fabric.  Many shoes today including deck shoes have the problem.  

Boot and Shoe Repair

Repairs to Any Footwear

Repair Footwear Soles

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