Dry cleaning is an art.  At Freckles Dry Cleaners we take pride in every garment we dry clean.  Whether its a family heirloom, fur, leather, a wedding dress or just every day suits and work clothing, we know you will be satisfied.  Our seventeen year history of dry cleaning has left a mark on South Florida - a mark of excelence and the standard of comparison that other dry cleaners try to emulate but cannot duplicate.  The proof, as they say, is in the pudding, or in this case in the dry cleaning. 

Professional Dry Cleaning Service in Doral, Florida


Dry cleaning uses a proccess for cleaning clothing and textiles with a chemical solvent other than water.  This process is used to clean garments that cannot withstand the rough and tumble action of a washing machine as well as a clothes dryer.  Dry cleaning is an art and we understand that you have choices, that's why we hire only the best, most skilled, most experienced and the most friendly staff available in the Doral, Florida area. 

Dry Cleaning Process



Since most manufacturers never test garment fabrics before the care label is attached it is important that you seek our help.  They are not required to put care labels on their clothing.
If you are unsure if your fabric is to be laundered or dry cleaned ask one of our professionals.  We handle issues such as this on a daily basis.  We care for your garments as much as you do.  Visit us soon in Doral. 


Dry Cleaning Care Labels



Leather looks good and you look good wearing it.  In order to keep it that way it must be cleaned every year.  We are experts at cleaning and restoring leather garments of all types.  If a stain appears bring it in to us immediately.  Don't try to remove the stain or spot. Many stains have varient characteristics and only our skilled dry cleaning professionals know how to treat each stain and not harm your valuable leather garment. 

Leather and Suede

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